flowers and candle kinda day

Happy Friday

  Yay! It’s Friday.  This morning I am enjoying a new Oceanside candle which smells amazing with a HUGE cup of coffee.  These past few days have been one test after another (two still to come next week), though last night was especially exciting when I found out I passed my first nursing class!!! I was so worried because if you don’t pass the class you can’t move onto the next part of the program or start clinical…SCARY.

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icy roads

you can’t see this + a horrible realization

So last night I decided to take a break from studying and take my sister out to a movie (we were celebrating her hard work for the semester).  We were totally ready to see The Awkward Moment because it seemed like such a funny movie.  We got all dressed up, packed our snacks, and left on time only to find out when buying the tickets I COULN’T SEE THE MOVIE.  Yup, at twenty one years of age I couldn’t see and R rated movie because I left my license at home.  We were bummed to say the least, but the night turned back around when we salvaged it with Chipotle burritos and Starbucks coffee. I think it was meant to be this way because it gave us a chance to picture what we want our future to be like.  We realized that our wants are WHAT?? different??  This is strange if you know the two of us; we are  doing usually what the other one does.  But as we are growing older I’m finding its okay to want different things, actually it is necessary. Also, as you can see in the pictures we have been bombarded with yet another nasty…

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shake it out

This song came on my old play list and I had forgotten how good it was.  It actually came at a perfect time because I have my first nursing test tomorrow and was getting pretty tense..actually in a bad mood.  I have studied diligently and put a lot of effort into these chapters, though I was doubting my abilities, my hard work, and already setting my self up to fail before I even tried. So “shake it out” when you need to, pick yourself up, and believe in’s actually easier than you think photo here

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