flowers and candle kinda day

Happy Friday

  Yay! It’s Friday.  This morning I am enjoying a new Oceanside candle which smells amazing with a HUGE cup of coffee.  These past few days have been one test after another (two still to come next week), though last night was especially exciting when I found out I passed my first nursing class!!! I was so worried because if you don’t pass the class you can’t move onto the next part of the program or start clinical…SCARY.

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shake it out

This song came on my old play list and I had forgotten how good it was.  It actually came at a perfect time because I have my first nursing test tomorrow and was getting pretty tense..actually in a bad mood.  I have studied diligently and put a lot of effort into these chapters, though I was doubting my abilities, my hard work, and already setting my self up to fail before I even tried. So “shake it out” when you need to, pick yourself up, and believe in’s actually easier than you think photo here

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decomposed taco for football watching

fall football

FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL. Did I mention its football season? While watching the game on Sunday I decided to spice up the game watching so I made  tacos!  It was a fun meal to have together that you could pick and choose what you wanted on your taco.  Some of the ingredients I I had available was taco meat, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, salsa, and chips. Sadly fall is almost leaving us…that means winter is coming…brr!! -chirsy  

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